The activities of the Coalition for Access to Psychotherapy (CAP) will target three areas:

  1. Public education regarding psychotherapy services
  2. Determination of financial models
  3. Determination of a model for insurability of psychotherapy services

Public education regarding psychotherapy services

CAP foresees:

  • informing the public to the effect that:
    • psychotherapy services often respond to the needs, the requests and the preferences of people who have mental health problems and their families;
    • psychotherapy services often constitute effective treatment for common mental health problems and help reduce complications associated with these problems;
    • psychotherapy services, by helping to improve the quality of mental healthcare, represent one of the strategies to prevent suicide, certainly the worst consequence of mental health problems;
  • informing the public on the issues surrounding access to psychotherapy services:
    • the advantages for the individual, his or her family, and society in general of access to psychotherapy services;
    • the feasibility and social acceptability of implementing psychotherapy services based on an organization of services defined by collaboration between family doctors and psychologists or psychotherapists;
  • working with the Government of Quebec and the Ministry of Health and Social Services to carry out the necessary financial and insurability studies on access to psychotherapy services in the public healthcare system.

In this section, we also present links to various media items that have appeared on psychotherapy services as well as responses or comments that our members have made.


Determination of financial models

CAP members who are experts in insurability of services as well as those who do research in healthcare services can contribute to studies that would be carried out by ministerial committees.  CAP expects that studies would address the following elements:

  • issues surrounding the financing of insured services;
  • analytical framework for financing of psychotherapy services;
  • ways in which psychotherapy services could be financed;
  • cost-benefit analysis for Quebec.


Determination of a model for insurability of psychotherapy services

The clinical and scientific experts of CAP can contribute to studies being conducted by the Institut national d’excellence en services de santé et services sociaux (INESSS). CAP’s contribution can relate to:

  • analytical framework for access to psychotherapy services;
  • identification and evaluation of different types of services as well as the organization of services.  These would help define:
    • psychotherapeutic approaches to be used and the continuum of services based on the principle of graduated treatment interventions.
      • services based on referrals from family doctors to psychologists or psychotherapists;
    • method of payment; applicable fees; cost control mechanisms;
    • outcome indicators;
  • framework for implementing psychotherapy services;
  • ways to ensure quality of services.