Psychotherapy is not a luxury and should be available to all.

May 10, 2016 – It is a fallacy to think that only those who have existential issues seek psychotherapy services. In fact, people who consult psychologists do so because of serious mental health problems that have an important impact not only in their personal lives, but also in their work lives. Workplace costs of untreated mental health problems are staggering in terms of absenteeism, disability insurance and loss of productivity and represent billions of dollars per year to society. We tend to see the provision of effective psychological services as merely a cost; on the contrary, it is an investment that results in a return in revenues of at least double the cost.

Our politicians may think that they would not win elections if they propose increased funding to allow for increased access to psychotherapy, especially when public finances are tight. However, they must realize all that society loses in not including psychotherapy as part of our insured healthcare services. Some bold action needs to be taken by our governments.

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La psychothérapie n’est pas un luxe
La Presse, le 10 mai 2016.
Author: Charles-Albert Morin.
Co-signed by David Levine, Michael Sheehan and Christine Grou.