Coalition for Access to Psychotherapy (CAP) members work in different domains of health and social services.  Comprised of consumer representatives and family members of people with mental health problems as well as experts who can contribute to the definition of insurability models of healthcare services, of organization of services and of mechanisms to ensure quality of services, CAP constitutes a forum that can provide thoughtful input to questions relating to access to psychotherapy services.

CAP also includes clinicians and scientists with expertise in the organization of services, the effectiveness of psychotherapy services and the implementation of insured services.



CAP Members





Founders of CAP


Ian Boeckh

President, Graham Boeckh Foundation

Users, families

Danielle Kemmer

Program Director, Graham Boeckh Foundation

Users, families

Don Bastien

President, The Mental Illness Foundation

Users, families





David Levine

Healthcare system

Michael Sheehan

Users, families



Consumer representatives, families;
professional bodies


Ella Amir

Executive Director, AMI-Québec

Users, families

Pierre Blain

Executive Director, Regroupement provincial des comités des usagers


Sylvain D'Auteuil

Director, Les porte-voix du rétablissement


Hélène Fradet

Executive Director, Fédération des parents et amis de la personne atteinte de maladie mentale

Users, families

Jérôme Gaudreault

Executive Director, Association québécoise de prévention du suicide

Users, families

Christine Grou

President, Ordre des psychologues du Québec

Organization of services

Quality Assurance

Marie Hayes, MD, CCFP

Family Doctor, Canadian College of Family Physicians

Task force on shared
mental health care

Richard Lavoie

Coordinator, Regroupement québécois des organismes communautaires en psychothérapie

Users, families

Renée Ouimet

Executive Director, Mouvement Santé mentale Québec

Community Organization

Jean-Rémy Provost

Executive Director, Revivre - Quebec Anxiety, Depressive and Bipolar Disorder Support Association

Users, families

Phil Upshall

National Executive Director, Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Users, families



                    Experts, clinicians and scientists


Martin Drapeau, M.Ps., Ph. D.

Professor, Counselling Psychology and Psychiatry

Director, McGill Psychotherapy Process Research Group, McGill University

Editor in Chief, Canadian Psychology

Editor in Chief, Science and Practice


Effectiveness of psychotherapy services

Alain Lesage, MD, M. Phil.


Department of Psychiatry, University of Montréal

Psychiatrist and researcher, Centre de recherche Fernand-Seguin

Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal


Evaluation and organization of mental health services

Marie-Thérèse Lussier, MD, BSc., MSc., FCMFC

Associate Professor

Department of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine
Director, Primary Care Research Network

University of Montréal 
Director, Research in primary care services

Family Medicine

Organization of first line services

Service models with family doctors

Helen-Maria Vasiliadis, MSc., Ph. D.

Associate Professor

Department of Community Health Sciences,  University of Sherbrooke

Researcher – Hôpital Charles-LeMoyne

Organization of services

Impact of access to psychotherapy services