Unlocking access to psychotherapy in Quebec

Better Access To Psychotherapy Services Through Insured Services

Psychotherapy is recognized as an effective treatment for mental health problems such as depression or anxiety disorders. However, access to psychotherapy services for people who do not have personal insurance or the financial means to pay for them is a major problem in Québec. 

The Coalition for Access to Psychotherapy (CAP) believes that the Government of Québec should implement a publicly insured program that would provide psychotherapy services to those who need them. 

The brief that CAP has submitted to the Minister of Health and Social Services argues in favour of such a program given that it would benefit not only individuals but also society as a whole.

About CAP

The Coalition for Access to Psychotherapy (CAP) was convened in March 2013 by the Graham Boeckh Foundation and the Mental Illness Foundation to work towards widening access to psychotherapy in Quebec.  CAP was formed following the recommendation made by the Health and Welfare Commissioner of Quebec, in his assessment of mental healthcare services, on access to psychotherapy services.

Drawing from the goals of these two foundations to prevent mental illness, to improve care and services in mental health and to reduce suffering among people who have mental health problems and their family members, CAP believes that psychotherapy services should be available under the public healthcare system to all people suffering from mental illness who would benefit from such services.